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Drake 2880 crystal update - ICM

Talked to International Crystal (ICM) to place my Drake 2880 crystal order
this morning.

They are now running about 2 or 3 weeks from order to delivery ( high
stability 10 ppm crystal ).
[They received a number of orders for the Drake 2880 crystals over the past
few weeks].

Order desk informed me that Millcom and ICM's engineering departments
reviewed the 2880 and decided upon the usage of the HC-49/Short case
for the 8.812500 MHz crystal. (144 MHz IF).
I believe this was reported earlier last year on the amsat-bb reflector.

This crystal will meet the height of the Drake case ( 11 cm clearance
height ) as well as
proper fit the PC board spacing.

ICM believes they addressed previously reported problems with other
crystal cases :
   - 11 mm maximum height of crystal
   - Unacceptable stress on crystal wire leads to fit the PC board spacing
   - Shorts against the board or die-cast case

G. Beat

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