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Re: What happened to AO-40?

Rich Burgan WC8J wrote:

	However, we have not seen much (if any) information as to what happened to cause AO-40 to be disabled.  

Wayne W9AE replies:

Dang it, why doesn't somebody go up there and take a look?   : )

Seriously, though...  We all know it's IMPOSSIBLE to know EXACTLY what happened to cause the failures.  Obviously the controllers only want to publicly announce known facts, and never speculation.  But I wish the controllers would SPECULATE on the most probable cause(s) of the failures based on the facts that are known.  Their speculation is likely to be more informed than anybody else's speculation.

By the way, is propellant still leaking?  I haven't heard about orbit changes in the last couple weeks.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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