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Re: Weather proofing preamps at antenna feed points

>From: "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com>
>I'd appreciate anyone's experiences on weather proofing preamps at antenna
>feedpoints on Az-El rotators.
>Thanks & 73 Howard G6LVB


I've used square and round plastic food containers [the ones for sandwichs
or storing food in the fridge].  For an ARR preamp I found a nice plastic
chassis box at Radio Shack [do you have them?].  For the US hams reading
this the RS box is just large enough that the ARR P144VDG will lay inside
the box.  I drilled holes to allow coax to enter on bottom side of box [so
moisture would drain away.  Small enought to tape to the boom of the antenna.

My 1296 MHz preamp is a DEM and is mounted to a surplus HP microwave coax
relay [also from DEM] and all housed in a round plastic food box which is
fit over the equipment bottom side up.  I don't use the cover for the food
box and just let the bottom part act as an umbrella.  I use a little
silicone sealer where screw penetrate the box to hold it to the antenna boom.

In a hurry, use a good quality sandwich zip-sealed bag!

PS: DEM=Downeast Microwave

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