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Re: Vultures

This was a thread on tower talk about a year ago or so.
The best suggestion was to cover the beam elements with
thin rigid plastic tubing somewhat larger than the
elements. Mainly the center part where the birds land.
Your imagination will provide the picture.  When the
bird lands, it will grab the plastic tubing.  The
tubing, being rigid will not collapse and provide a
firm footing for the bird for a moment.  Then physics
will prevail and the top heavy plastic tubing will
rotate on the element and the bird will be dangling
upside down.  It will not take many tries before
he/she/it will go elsewhere.  And it environmentally
safe.  and the plastic will not effect the beam

gil, w9bub

| > Why do I have this image of an antenna with a bunch
| > vultures dangling from
| > it
| > by their feet upside-down, unable to leave? Too
much "Road
| > Runner vs. Coyote"
| > as a kid, I guess.
| >

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