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Re: Technical Assistance

> 1. I am using Yaesu G-5600B rotors

> I was also wondering what the purpose of the "Out voltage Adj. " ?
> Is this to control the speed in which your rotors travel ?
> but obviously I must be missing something on the G-5600B's as I have
> to indicate what the voltage adjustment does .
> I have posted a few questions in the past and have been delinquent in
> replying to all that offered information,  I appreciate your input and
> being able to access your valuable experience.
> Bill
> Amsat 29777

The Out Voltage Adj.... According to my GS-232 Manual
is to adjust the reading you get when "hooked up" to the
GS-232 controller...

For your rotator it reads as follows for AZ...
1) set AZ fully clockwise(to the right) ((south.... 180))
2) Press F and return.... (I will not go into the painstaking part here) but
     it returns "+xxxx" which is the internal # it comes up with for
    In this case it should read 180... (0180)..... You then tweak the "Out
Voltage Adj"
    till its right... (a Pain if you ask me....)
3) I find no other reference for it in this manual....
 4) I think your Controller box and cabling need a big hug.... cause
     is not right....

Rich Clark


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