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Re: Technical Assistance

In the rotor control cabinet, the meters are electrically connected to the
circuit board by the nuts on the meter terminals.  You might try loosening
them and retightening them to make sure they are making a good connection. 
This condition is usually manifested by an irratic meter movement, but a
stable output to the KCT or other rotor control device.  If both are
unstable, chech and clean the voltage out pots in the rotor control
cabinet, the integrity of the rotor cable leads and the rotor internal
position pots.

The manual "flipping" of the relays shouldn't have any effect on the meter
circuit except by causing a vibration to jiggle the pots or meter
connections.  You might get just as good a result by rapping on the control
box case.

bgreene wrote:
> Hello ,
> I have had a couple of new problems that showed up with the gear in the
> shack and wonder if anyone has had similar experiences ?
> 1. I am using Yaesu G-5600B rotors. Almost every morning when I first fire
> up the rotors my elevation meter fails to register any movement ..... and
> occasionally if it is indicating and I use any of the controls the elevation
> meter drops below zero.
> I have noticed that if I let any of the control flip back into its normal
> position ( they are spring loaded ) the elevation meter goes back to its
> correct position.  From time to time it requires more than just one " flip "
> ( for the lack of a more technical term and to maintain consistency ) to get
> it operational again. After a bit of use on a couple of passes it seems to
> operate normally.  I don't like it, as I am sure  "flipping" can only lead
> to breaking !
> I thought maybe poor contacts on one of the relays in the controller ??
> If there is any agreement, maybe some one can give some advice on a good
> method of cleaning the contacts ?
> I was also wondering what the purpose of the "Out voltage Adj. " ?
> Is this to control the speed in which your rotors travel ?
> 2. My next question is directed to Yaesu FT-736R owners . Today while
> setting up to operate UO-14 I ran into something weird. I turned the Sat
> switch to RX and I set up the receive freq.  then when I put the switch in
> the TX position and  turned the VFO to tune up the transmit freq. the radio
> seemed to lock up .  I was unable to switch between TX and RX  till  I
> switched the Sat switch to off.  With the Sat switch off the radio seemed to
> operate normally in the last memory position I used . I then turned the Sat
> switch on and it would not go into the Sat mode. I shut the Sat switch off
> and went thru the channels ....... all seemed to be fine, turned the Sat
> switch on again and it was back and I was able to work the rest of the pass
> with no problem .
> Scary ! Any thoughts or experiences ? Processor hiccup ?
>  I have some of the literature that comes with the above mentioned equipment
> but obviously I must be missing something on the G-5600B's as I have nothing
> to indicate what the voltage adjustment does .
> I have posted a few questions in the past and have been delinquent in
> replying to all that offered information,  I appreciate your input and enjoy
> being able to access your valuable experience.
> Thanks in advance for your input.
> 73 de  VE7WFG DO00jk
> Bill
> Amsat 29777
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73, Roy

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