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Re: Re: True North - Sorry - 1 hour error in original calc.

Hey all, this is JUST too complicated!  Indeed true North or South is
easily gotten by calculations of "Local Apparent Noon" as many of us that
have done navigation, but what is important is what time is midway
between sunrise and sunset.  The very worst error is two minutes and for
ham purposes, that is minor!  Simply find the time of local sunrise and
sunset and divide by two.  This assumes that all the local differences are
already calculated-----which is usually done by the TV personalities who
have no clue what they are expounding, but they sure try hard. 
     This eliminates the problem of local or UTC time.  As has been
suggested earlier, I wish all of us would be on UTC, but then, this not
likely to happen, but the idea of satellite operators on UTC is excellent!
     Do consult some local charts if you can.  On the coast the sunrise
and sunset is gotten easily.  Do not be surprised if that figure is
quite different from local noon!  In any case the result is usually no
more than the difference between your house and the local pub!
Cliff K7RR

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