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Technical Assistance

Hello ,

I have had a couple of new problems that showed up with the gear in the
shack and wonder if anyone has had similar experiences ?

1. I am using Yaesu G-5600B rotors. Almost every morning when I first fire
up the rotors my elevation meter fails to register any movement ..... and
occasionally if it is indicating and I use any of the controls the elevation
meter drops below zero.
I have noticed that if I let any of the control flip back into its normal
position ( they are spring loaded ) the elevation meter goes back to its
correct position.  From time to time it requires more than just one " flip "
( for the lack of a more technical term and to maintain consistency ) to get
it operational again. After a bit of use on a couple of passes it seems to
operate normally.  I don't like it, as I am sure  "flipping" can only lead
to breaking !

I thought maybe poor contacts on one of the relays in the controller ??
If there is any agreement, maybe some one can give some advice on a good
method of cleaning the contacts ?

I was also wondering what the purpose of the "Out voltage Adj. " ?
Is this to control the speed in which your rotors travel ?

2. My next question is directed to Yaesu FT-736R owners . Today while
setting up to operate UO-14 I ran into something weird. I turned the Sat
switch to RX and I set up the receive freq.  then when I put the switch in
the TX position and  turned the VFO to tune up the transmit freq. the radio
seemed to lock up .  I was unable to switch between TX and RX  till  I
switched the Sat switch to off.  With the Sat switch off the radio seemed to
operate normally in the last memory position I used . I then turned the Sat
switch on and it would not go into the Sat mode. I shut the Sat switch off
and went thru the channels ....... all seemed to be fine, turned the Sat
switch on again and it was back and I was able to work the rest of the pass
with no problem .

Scary ! Any thoughts or experiences ? Processor hiccup ?

 I have some of the literature that comes with the above mentioned equipment
but obviously I must be missing something on the G-5600B's as I have nothing
to indicate what the voltage adjustment does .

I have posted a few questions in the past and have been delinquent in
replying to all that offered information,  I appreciate your input and enjoy
being able to access your valuable experience.

Thanks in advance for your input.

73 de  VE7WFG DO00jk

Amsat 29777

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