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Re: What happened to AO-40?/ NO news is BAD news!!!!

Hi All,

I for one, don't think that no news is bad news.  But, I do think no news is a
bad thing for the amateur satellite program.  We are getting a steady stream of
good news.  Thanks to the various AMSAT web sites, this list, and the various
national Amsat newsletters.  I think Peter Guelzow of Amsat-DL has been VERY
informative.  (Thanks Peter!!!)

However, we have not seen much (if any) information as to what happened to cause
AO-40 to be disabled.  The longer the we go without any sort of information the
bigger the vacuum becomes.  The best way to keep assumptions and speculations
from getting out of hand is with the facts.

73's de Rich Burgan @ WC8J


Arthur H Feller wrote:

> At 01:12 AM 07-02-01 -0800, KB7WW Art Moe wrote:
> >I am beginning to believe that NO news is BAD news. If there was any good
> >news the command team would be disseminating it by the page full.  Since
> >they appear to be in HIDING, one can only guess what the news is......
> Nature abhors a vacuum.  Indeed, the natural human tendency seems to be
> filling information voids with assumptions and speculations which are
> almost always wrong.
> Asking for more frequent status reports is certainly in order.
> Assuming less than honorable intentions is not.
> Suggest keeping a positive attitude while asking for better
> communication.  In the long run, our friendships will be easier to maintain.
> 73, art.....

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