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AO-40 Omni Antennas?

I was just pondering the omni antenna problem on AO-40 just now, and
wanted to find some photographs of the spacecraft which show this side.
Looking at the "AMSAT P3-D Launch Campaign Kourou" photo archive, I
found the following images:


You can clearly see the ATOS thruster (inclined to compensate for being
mounted off-axis), the four GPS antennas (on the periphery), and what
are presumably the 2M and 70cm omnis to the right of center.  I'm
guessing that the longer element is the 2M omni antenna and the two
shorter elements are the 70cm omni antenna (?).

Now, compare that photo with:


In this photo however, the long 2M omni antenna (or whatever it is?)
seems to have mysteriously shortened.

Has it simply been rolled up for the launch - the resolution is too low
to really see, but is there a blob on the end?  If so, what is the
deployment mechanism (UV radiation?)

Anyone who knows more about this care to comment?


Ken, G0RVH

Ken Dailey - Cinesite Visual Effects - kend@cinesite.co.uk
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