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bird off - this might work

Hi all, I have been reading the vulture thread and the thought came to mind 
why not try a line of thin black rope and run it maybe 3 to 6 inches above 
the elements and boom.  Some PVC Tees could be cut in half and clamped to 
the antenna using stainless steel hose clamps.

The vultures are simply looking for a comfortable high place to camp out 
on.  The thin rope will keep them off balance and they will have to go some 
place else.

This would not work with small birds but it just might on the big vultures.

I was also curious what happens if you do a quick left/right twist with the 
rotator. Does it knock the vultures off balance?  If so maybe someone can 
develop some software that would do this every half hour or so and after a 
while of this the big birds will tire and go some place else.

Dale Coleman
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