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RE: Vultures

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Vultures
> I have a 3 element HF beam above my  sat. antennas.
> Up to 20 Black Vultures have found the HF beam to be a 
> great platform to view the terrain.  I have 2 problems. 
> These vultures weigh up to 3 pounds each and they are
> bending the elements. Also they are covering my sat 
> antennas with a white material.

That material goes by many names.  Poop would be a good
start.  I do not know the specifics, but I would assume that
it fits in the category of pigeon poop, which around our
plant we treat as a toxic substance.  Dust from the poop
can cause a fungus to grow in your lungs, eye problems, 
and assorted other health hazards.  The janitors have a
specific clean-up procedure, and the mess and materials
are disposed of as toxic waste.  Now this may not be true
of vulture poop, but then again, the not only eat some of the
same things the pigeons do, they also eat the dead pigeons.
Let me know if you have any lung or eye problems.

> Does anyone have any previously used solution to bird perching?
> And does anyone know if the white material is bad for aluminum?
> I found a manufacturer of plastic spike strip to deter the birds.
> Anyone have experience with it.
> Tnx Kevin N6CWF Phoenix Az

Our plant tried poison feed, and it worked.. but.. the surrounding
area was very upset with poisoned pigeons falling from the
sky and into their yards.  They tried trapping them, and driving 
them to another part of town.  Well, the pigeons were back
before the cages were, the truck couldn't go cross-country
like the pigeons.  They tried some kind of red-white-yellow-
blue blinking lights that was supposed to scare the critters away.
Not only did it not work, but the pigeons requested a stereo
to go with the disco lights.

The final answer.  Termination with extreme prejudice.  A 
sudden case of high-velocity lead poisoning.  14.4 grains of
lead at about 850 feet per second.  I am a high-power rifle
competitor.  They asked me to pick out a pellet rifle, they 
paid for it, and once a week I remove the critters from the
work area.  At first there were too many, I got too tired
pumping the air rifle.  Now there are one or two a week.
They are the stupid ones, the smart ones moved to the
horse track.

Let me know if you find a better way to be rid of them.  We
cannot allow the health hazard, but would rather they just 
not come around at all if possible.  Better for them, better for
us.  I can get my practice other ways.

Good luck.


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