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Looking for New Hampshire

Hi all,
    About 6 months ago I made several posts on this BB about completing
my Worked All States via satellite.  In response to that I was able to
make contacts with the several remaining states.  However, although
having made three separate contacts on two different satellites with one
particular station in New Hampshire, I can't get a QSL card out of him,
even with an SASE.  When we spoke on the air (and confirmed by E-Mail),
he said new cards were on order and he would send one as soon as they
arrive.  Either he has the slowest QSL printer on earth, or something
else, but he wont send a card nor even answer E-Mails.
    Net result of all this is that I'm in need of a QSO with another
station in New Hampshire to complete my WAS via satellite.  If you are
in New Hampshire and can work any of the analog satellites, I would love
to schedule a contact with you.  I much prefer the linear translator
birds (FO-20, FO-29 and AO-10) over the FM birds (UO-14 and AO-27), but
I can work any of these.  I am not setup for HF satellite operation at
all, so don't suggest the RS birds excpet as a LAST resort.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-9999
AMSAT member 32537 / WSWSS member 395

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