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WISP Help Needed

I am trying to get WispDDE back up and running on my PC, and not having much

Sympton: If WispDDE is launched by itself, it performs normally. If I
activate Radio #1 and enter a mode and frequency, it controls my FT736
perfectly. Shutting WispDDE returns the 736 to normal operation.

Next I launch Wisp itself. So long as no pass is active, WispDDE simply
reports "No Satellite" and continues to run. As soon as a pass activates, I
get about 10 seconds of HD activity, and then WispDDE simply shuts down.
Rerun WispDDE while the pass is active, and the same thing happens. Let the
pass finish, then run WispDDE, back to "No Satellite" and everything
responds normally.

Anybody heard of this behavior, and how to fix it?

Configuration: Windows 2000, WispDDE 3.0b (downloaded from AMSAT.ORG) and
GSC 2.03

Thanks for any suggestions.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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