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Re: AO-40 S-Band

> > >Just have an S-Band setup finally....and no signals heard from AO-40 on
> > >Feb 2nd    1200 utc pass.  Has anyone heard AO-40 on that pass or do we
>Thanks for the reply, Dave.  This am around 2 a.m. EST captured A0-40 using
>an old down converter
>left over from AO-13 days, and had as great a thrill as when I heard WTAM
>Cleveland in 1928  on
>my first crystal set!  Original problem was I forgot what crystal it had and
>I was on wrong frequency.
>copied good sigs to MA18 and then slept a coupla hours.  At  1130Z fired up
>and did hear bird for

Yes, the controllers are really doing themselves proud!  And in my opinion the
best thing most of us can do is to let them do their job, instead of 
bitching about
what we do or don't have...

You sound like me!  I'm from Northern Minn. and it was 1930 when I heard 
WCCO( I think!)
from Mpls. on my first oatmeal tube!  You must be an old codger!  I was 
born in'22, but
I'm still playing roller hockey, and when I first heard AO40 on my old O13 
gear I could see
the cat's whisker sticking out of the 400 baud decoder...!

Just wish some of these younger dudes on here would get a life and send 
some tele to Paul, also.

Ah well, life goes on...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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