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Re: Problem with Instant Track and tracking ISS

At 06:12 AM 2/3/2001 -0500, James Nipper wrote:
>I am using Instant Track, and have loaded a y2k patch.

There is no Y2K "patch" for InstantTrack, in the sense of a little change
to the program that makes it work right from then on. There is a new
version 1.50 that is corrected for Y2K (the best choice), and there is
a program CVITK that pre-processes Y2K keps so they can be accepted by
the old version 1.00. You have to *run* CVITK on each new set of keps
you download. It is also possible, though awkward, to fiddle each new
set of keps by hand.

InstantTrack 1.50: http://www.amsat.org/amsat/instanttrack
CVITK: http://www.amsatnet.com

>Using the View menu option, I have checked the keps as freshly loaded
>today, and I can see that the ISS is listed and I have an epoch date of
>Feb 1, 2001.    From this, I am assuming two things.  First, that my y2k
>patch was loaded properly, and secondly, that I have properly updated my
>new keps, specifically including the ISS keps.  Am I right so far?

Not necessarily. On that Manual Edit Satellite Elements screen, hit "D"
to see some Derived Values on the right side of the screen. The first one
is the Epoch age. If that value is reasonable for the age of your elements,
then you have no Y2K problem (for that element set of that satellite).
If that value is huge, then you have run into the Y2K problem in
InstantTrack and need to use one of the solutions mentioned above.

73  -Paul

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