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Re: Sunsat Oscar-35 meets its destiny

Hello Johann!

02 Feb 01 21:32, you wrote to All:

 JL> Our last contact with Sunsat Oscar-35 was on Friday 19 January 2001
 JL> at 15:22:37 UTC.  Unfortunately, little hope remains after two weeks
 JL> of recovery attempts.  Thanks to all who shared in our fun.  Your
 JL> feedback and encouragement made most of it happen.  Hope to talk to
 JL> you on Amsat Oscar-40 soon.  See the press release, available at the
 JL> following address: <http://sunsat.ee.sun.ac.za/news/20010201.html>.

SO-35 will live on in our memories as have other satellites that have passed on
(e.g. RS-10, which was the first bird I ever worked).  Again, thanks for all
your hard work and letting me participate in the fun.  I enjoyed the experience
of working with you guys.

P.S.  Is there anyone looking for someone to help schedule transponders on
their bird on a volunteer basis? :-)

Tony, VK3JED (an "out of work" transponder scheduler ;) ).
|Fidonet:  Tony Langdon 3:633/284.18
|Internet: tlang@freeway.apana.org.au
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