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Re: 1.2ghz uplink

>not surprize me.  I do note in Amsat publications addressing the mix of
>modes to be used on AO-40, that they expect that 6 cm, 3cm, and 1.4 cm were
>to be modes used mostly by microwave experimenters and not the main
>satellite operator.  Therefore, they may reason that such people would
>already participate in mode-LS in most cases.  However, if the 70cm analog
>uplink is usable, I would expect to see mode-UX supported somewhat.

I seem to recall reading that ao-40 could support multiple uplinks.  If
that's the case, perhaps mode UX and mode LX could be used at the same time,
for those who haven't access to the 70cm band.  

I don't imagine it would affect the bird's power budget, except that
a lot more people could try out the x-band downlink.

73 de va3rr/aa8lu
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