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Problem with Instant Track and tracking ISS

I am using Instant Track, and have loaded a y2k patch.  I have loaded
fresh keps. I am NOT at all experienced with this program, and have not
used it for several years.  I now want to dabble in some satellite
matters, beginning with tracking  the ISS. 

Using the View menu option, I have checked the keps as freshly loaded
today, and I can see that the ISS is listed and I have an epoch date of
Feb 1, 2001.    From this, I am assuming two things.  First, that my y2k
patch was loaded properly, and secondly, that I have properly updated my
new keps, specifically including the ISS keps.  Am I right so far?

Now comes the breakdown. From the Main Menu, I select item 3, Satellite
Position Table (Ephemeris).  I select it to track from the present date
and time, in increments of .9 minutes.   I then get a screen which
identfies ISS at the top, with columns for Alt/ Long/  etc etc, but the
page from those column headings is completely blank !!    I have done
this several times, and I get no tracking info.

Then, from the Main Menu, I try item 4,  Satellite Visibility Schedule.
I select ISS, and then select  Multiple Days for Single Satellite.  On
the resulting page, I see the Satellite Schedule chart, but there are no
entries showing me when the ISS will be in view.

What am I missing here ??  Have I been away too long ??  Do I seem to be
on the right track, or are my first steps fatally illegal (hi hi) ??

By the way, I have checked the tracking on some other satellites, such
as AO-10 and A0-40.  I do get the appropriate charts and schedules that
I would expect to see, but right now I don't know if they represent
accurate tracking or not.  For the moment, I suspect they are correct.

Any help will be most appreciated !!

73 de Jim K4PYT
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