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Re: Symek IFD & the FT-847

Ulf...my apologies to you and the group...I confused your intentions and 
subject matter with the simple modifications of bringing the Transmit and 
receive boards to the outside with SMA connectors and RG-400, 404, 301 
etc.  coax...I found that working with the RG-400 coax and the soldering to 
the connectors were potentially a problem...what I should have done is re 
titled the subject line but forgot to....sorry.....Lonnie  (NT6B)

At 10:47 PM 2/2/01 +0100, Ulf Kumm wrote:
>-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: "Lonnie (NT6B)" <nt6b-vk7lm@dreamsoft.com>
>An: "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com>; "Ulf Kumm" <ulf@symek.de>; 
>Gesendet: Freitag, 2. Februar 2001 17:40
>Betreff: RE: [amsat-bb] Symek IFD & the FT-847
> > for the 144 and or 432 side of the rig...suggest that you purchase a Yaesu
> > wire assembly with connectors on either end of the length of coax.  If your
>dr Howard,
>seeing the schematics of FT847, I found that there was no 'IF-disconnect'
>where I could tap the unfiltered (wide band) IF directly after the 1st
>mixer without cutting the trace on the board.
>Could you pse explain, at what point of the signal path the cables are
>to be installed? If you could access the wide band IF without the fiddly
>modification, this would make adding of IFD less troublesome.
>73! Ulf.

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