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RE: Fade remover

> However arguing that a better link design
> couldn't be done is wrong.  Can be done with
> very simple 30-year-old coding technology.


I wasn't arguing that.  I am a firm believer in planning ahead and
implementing good coding schemes, both to deal with link margin issues
and to deal with unexpected data link problems.  This is exactly what I
worked on for digital satcom on commercial aircraft.

However, the repeat-three-times scheme is low risk and probably the only
scheme that could win immediate acceptance from the command team.  It
offers the hope of substantial improvement in the quality of the decoded
telemetry without requiring any changes in existing receiving hardware
and software (except by those trying extra hard to use this to get
better results).  I propose that this is a win-win approach to getting
improved results from the one antenna in the world capable and available
for full time use.


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