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Re: Fade remover

paul.willmott@omsl.bm wrote:

> I have about 500MB of raw CRCC good and CRCC bad and CRCC not sure raw files
> here, multiple files for the same passes. If anyone wants to take up the
> challenge of finding a way of combining them into a good data set then I'd
> be glad to provide the raw data set on CD for them.

Hmm. I don't think I would need half a gig of data to do a proof-of-principle. 

I was thinking aloud to to see if anybody had thought of this approach before,
and discovered that it worked or that it didn't. I'm dead-tired right now, but
this might be worth a try. Let me kick it around for a bit in my head; I may ask
you to point me at a small batch of noisy data with a known good decode to
fiddle with. 

Then if this approach looks promising we can either move the code to the data or
the data to the code, whichever makes sense, and crank a *bunch* of it through.

 73 de Maggie K3XS    

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