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Re: 1.2ghz options

Hi Don,

I've used ECG553 PIN diodes which are available from from the local
electronics store. Down East Microwave and Allied Electronics also stock PIN
diodes. Use a PIN diode designed for VHF/UHF switching and avoid the
attenuator diodes. Motorola MPN3404 diodes should work. Leaded parts are
becoming harder to find so it may be easier to get a surface mount part like
the Agilent (HP) HSMP3820-3822 or HSMP3890-3892. These are packaged as
single diodes or series-connected pairs.

The PIN diodes should be pumped with about 12 dBm through a series tuned
circuit with a Q of 2 or more. The anti-parallel connected PIN diodes act as
a clipper and produce odd harmonics while supressing even harmonics. The PIN
structure generates harmonics more effectively than Schotty barrier diodes
because its structure is closer to that of a step-recovery diode. See
November/December 1999 QEX for an example of modifying the DEM 2.4 GHz LO



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> John
> Do both of the parts sources have pin diodes, too? And, what do look for
in a
> pin diode?
> Don...W6RWN

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