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Fade remover

I was thinking about the (bad) situation with the AO40 telemetry data.
It sounds like even with a really good antenna, the fading due to
the spin rate kills any attempt to get good CRCed  data. 

Has anybody thoght about writing a program that could take two or more
.wav files, recorded by separate stations during the same pass.  
It would want to decode both files individually to see which frames
they contained, then if it could line up both files at the point where
they start to overlap, it could go through both (or all) bit by bit.
most bits should agree, but when they don't the file with the higher
signal strength could be taken (or majority vote if more than two files).
If the two stations are far enough apart maybe only one will be faded
at a time.  The effect should be similar to a post-detection-selection
diversity recever.

It is beyond my ability to write it, but I think it sounds interesting,
especially if we are about to get several more stations receiving AO40
in the next month or two.  What does anybody else think?

de N8NPA

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