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Re: AO-40 Data

Hi Bill,

Yes we are short of telemetry at the moment, ... orbit 117 we only got 1
CRCC block!

Any data is better than none, so we always appreciate receiving anything
captured during the pass.

As for hints with AO40RCV, ... none really its just plug and play, I use it
here and find it a great program, ... don't swish the dial for Doppler
mid-block, ... wait for the gaps, .... AO40RCV doesn't like swishing!

On the antenna, I think this may be where your problem is, ... I found that
with mine aligning by sight etc didn't work, ... but aligning by ear does.
On a good pass forget about capturing telem, and just do antenna alignment,
.. it
ll pay off in the long run. Get your tracking program (with new keps and PC
clock set right just before pass), to track where it thinks the bird is, ...
then tune the radio for best audio RX, ... then adjust rotator manually to
see if you can peak the signal, ... I found that the sweet spot on my
antenna is about 10 degrees up, i.e. to get 0 elev I have to really point
the antenna for 10 degrees elev, ... with a 60cm dish that is substantial as
the beamwidth is just 15 degrees, ....

So that's all I can think up at this time.

Paul, VP9MU
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> Subject: AO-40 Data
>  Paul:
>   I haven't been sending in data because of bad copy.  N0ZHE (Greg) and
>  WA0ZBL (Hayes) told me
>  at our Thur nite HAM meeting that you were only getting 2 or 3 data
>  from the US.
>  If you have time,,  let me know if you can use Bad copy like this -- or
> have  you got all the trash you can use.
>  I am attaching a Zipped copy of abt a hour of copy this morning at my
>  QTH - EM17IN -- Derby, KS.
>  Its abt as bad as all the other data I've copied from AO-40 S Band.  I
> have  installed a isolation transformer
> between the FT-847 and computer sound card and got rid of some hum -- but
>  looks like no help on the copy.
>  I found out this morning that the Tracking system for the dish may be off
>  electrically by abt 4 deg. Physically
>  its right on -- but maybe the feed point is off. Will try to fix this
> a off-set in Nova.
>  The 2.4 GHz system here is as follows:
>  Dish --------- Myers -- DX-32
>  Converter --- SSB 2000 opt 30
>  Recever -----FT-847 -- using internal DSP noise filter (seems to help).
>                                        Data taken off the ext speaker jack
>  Computer---- Compaq 4550  233mhz , 64 ram, 13ghz hard drive,
>  card
>  Software ---- AO40Rcv ver 0,0,0,3
>  Tracking --- KC tracker card -- Yaesu G-5400
>  This is the same system I used to work AO-13 S-Band -- which was a lot of
>  fun.
>  If you have any hints of using AO40Rcv software let me know.
>  I know you are busy and if I don't hear for you will assume that its not
>  usable.
>  Bill
>  E-MAIL    w0oqc@gte.net

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