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Re: Under the radar

On Friday, 02 February 2001, Edward Cole wrote:

> So the licensed, regulation-following individual/company is monitored and
> slapped with violations and fines while the "pirates" steal the spectrum.

I agree that it doesn't sound very fair Ed.  However, my guess is that
the FCC has no legal jurisdiction in the countries in which the 
"pirates" are operating.  Most of the ones I hear (particularly on the
low end of 10 meters when the band is open) are Spanish speaking.  Many
times in CW contests, I've had to cease operation on 10m due to the
many AM carriers QRMing my contacts.  Being a FM Sat junkie, "pirates"
have also caused me sometime ago to bypass all western passes of UO-14.  

I'd like to know what the FCC equivalent agencies in these various
countries are doing to combat this ever-growing problem that's
impacting all spectrum users?  ***Are amateurs in these same countries
applying pressure on their respective agencies to shut down these
unlicensed operations?***

In short, I feel our FCC's hands may be tied in this matter.  Anyone
having information to the contrary, please post.  Thanks.

73 //Garie *K8KFJ*

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