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RE: Symek IFD & the FT-847

Hi to the group...Seeing the problems or potential problems converting the 
847 for this mod, prompted me to share my method of this conversion.....for 
the 847 users who plan to make this RF/IF mod to separate the input/output 
for the 144 and or 432 side of the rig...suggest that you purchase a Yaesu 
wire assembly with connectors on either end of the length of coax.  If your 
going to use both 144 and 432 mods, you will need two cables as you will 
require cables with a total of 4 connectors on the ends.

This cable is configured to use the existing (Push in) socket when you 
remove the short lengths to do the mod.    Like you and some of the other 
members of the list find the space inside the 847 to be a little short of 
"spacious".  Me being the pessimist, and with Murphy almost always 
lingering around  I find the original manufacturing methods of connecting 
to be the best when it comes to this and other modifications.

With the "Wire Assembly", as Yaesu terms it, Part number T9317982 (About 12 
inches long and from a FT-1000) at a cost of $4.25 US the mod is easier and 
much safer to perform.  The cable is identical to the other cables within 
the 847 so you have a idea of what it looks like.   It is very flexible, 
shielded very well and easy to work with...The only thing that has to be 
done is cut the cable in half resulting in a short length of cable with a 
connector on each end and then cut each side to the proper length.  Then 
solder the SMA's connector or connectors to the cut wire assembly.  Just 
plug the connector into the stock receptacle on the RF and IF boards 
install the SMA's through the back vents and you are done...no soldering 
necessary within the FT-847.

I wish I had a digital camera for pictures but I don't...just remember that 
soldering around inside the 847 can be a problem and if you want a clean, 
professional looking job, buy the cables, cut them to length, solder the 
SMA's and you are done....

Best wishes to the group.....73's.....Lonnie  (NT6B)
At 09:05 AM 2/2/01 +0000, Howard Long wrote:
>Hi Ulf
> > Modern equipment (see the mobile phones as an extreme) is built
> > to unpack and use it 'as it is'. Not to open and solder wires
> > here and do any modifications ...  :-(
>You got that right!
>I was beginning to wonder if it was just because I'm getting old, finding it
>more and more difficult to do these sorts of modifications.
>73 Howard G6LVB
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