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Re: Under the radar

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>Under the radar
>by Robert H. Schwaninger Jr.
{snipped the text...you read the original, right?}

It makes one wonder why we need to pay for having an FCC at all.  The
original purpose of regulating radio communications {1917 & 1934} was to
avoid this kind of chaos...???

So the licensed, regulation-following individual/company is monitored and
slapped with violations and fines while the "pirates" steal the spectrum.
Properly licensed hams can't buy 12-10m amplifiers because unlicensed
soundrels are making and using them with impunity.

I've often wondered why proof-of-license wasn't "just required" for the
purchase of any radio transmitting equipment?  Marine radio shops are
selling 2m ham radios to the fisherman with a "blind eye".  Used to be a
license app was required to be filled out when buying marine radios.  Guess
it complicated catalog sale too much :>#   {polite comment...censured}

Well if the FCC doesn't get with the game soon, the RF world will go into
"melt-down" and "RADIO RAGE" will become a common term?  My feeling is if
the part-15 crowd doesn't like my 2.3G kilowatt eme station...too bad...sue
me...and I will get a class-action group of hams who want to retire early
on "bluetooth" company shares; we'll "eat their lunch"!

"OH you can't say stuff like that" I can hear the spineless liberals say.
Well I just did.  We either stand for something or get "stood-on"!  {sorry
to say usually the later}

PS:  Oh no, you mean I have to license my mouth for calling my dogs?

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