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Ran AO40Rcv today for the first time.  This puppy has great ears!!!!

Heard AO-40 from 1212Z to 1530Z today.  Approx. MA=6 to MA=53.  Copied 347
"blocks", of which 32 had OK CRC.  These were the earlier blocks without a
lot of spin modulation.  Last block recorded (I think) at 150930Z.  Lost
signal sync at 1530Z.  When I would lose signal sync, I would retune rig for
doppler using output of Tono Communications terminal to a Heathkit SB-614
monitor scope.  It seemed to do better than the "real" scope on the desk.

Simultaneously copied signal to wdecpsk V1.1a.  Have not tried to compare
them yet.

Rig:  Nuttin fancy; Parabolic downconverter, Phillips antenna and FT-736R
receiver.  Az/El G5400 calibrated to the sun yesterday.

FWIW: both Icom 821H and Yaesu FT-736R show AO-40 at 145.311 mhz  +/- with
Parabolic AB Downconverter.  Downconverter has crystal oven.


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