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Fwd: RE: Symek IFD & the FT-847

>From: "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com>
>Hi Ulf
>> Modern equipment (see the mobile phones as an extreme) is built
>> to unpack and use it 'as it is'. Not to open and solder wires
>> here and do any modifications ...  :-(
>You got that right!
>I was beginning to wonder if it was just because I'm getting old, finding it
>more and more difficult to do these sorts of modifications.
>73 Howard G6LVB

Does this give some appreciation for what we "component level" repair
technicians* go through every day while trying to make a dollar [pound,
etc]?  I am fortunate to be near sighted and do not need eye-glasses to do
this work, though I sometimes cheat and use a magnifier.  Stopped drinking
coffee at work years ago ;-)

* Apparently component level repair is a dying art...everything now is
going to throw-away boards [or throw-away radios]!  The new technicians are
lost without a troubleshooting tree to tell them what to yank out ;-)

Anti-static wrisp straps are the latest in "nerd" jewlery.

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