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Re: Symek IFD & the FT-847

Howard Long wrote:
> > Modern equipment (see the mobile phones as an extreme) is built
> > to unpack and use it 'as it is'. Not to open and solder wires
> > here and do any modifications ...  :-(
> I was beginning to wonder if it was just because I'm getting old, finding it
> more and more difficult to do these sorts of modifications.

No, it's just because you're not a robot and a wave soldering machine. ;-)

If you want to do mods these days, you need an open-source radio. Like an
Elecraft K2. Too bad those guys aren't interested in satellite stuff.

Actually I tell a lie--W3SZ has done a bunch of interesting stuff along those





I wasn't kidding about my analogy a few flamewars back between sealed-up
electronics and closed-source software. When something is labelled as for
"consumer" use more and more it means it's intended for use by someone who
doesn't know or care how it works, and thus won't be modifying it,
reverse-engineering it, or using it in ways not part of the manufacturer's
original design. Or business plan. 

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