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Re: 1.2ghz uplink

>From: "Bob V. Johnson" <w7lrd@juno.com>
>The many threads and ideas on s-band reception have been an education for
>me, and I  hope to have s-band receive capabilty soon.  Receiving
>telemetry is ok but I would prefer listening to K0BLT' melodeous voice
>drifting down from above.  Or Jerry/oe or Paul/vas,  or anyone else I
>enjoy  talking to.  I want to start a thread on what is required to put a
>1.2ghz signal 'up there', no politics, guns, cuss words, someones values
>or lack thereof.  I want to learn the requirements needed, as in;
>transverters, antennas, link budgets, etc etc.  I am  working on my
>microwave-phobia, and this bb is a fantastic resource.

Excellent idea, Bob.

There have been a couple articles written about L-band requirements, but it
should be interesting to get the inputs coming from a discussion on this.

To kick it off, here is what I plan to do:  FT-847 driving a DEM 144/1269
Tx upconv. with 20w output, thru 100 foot of 1/2 inch hardline to a 45
element loop yagi [20 dBi] mounted inside the az-el frame of my 2m eme
array.  I should have about 8-10w at the antenna.  I will suffer 3dB loss
using horizontal pol. with the circular-pol satellite.  This should result
in an EiRP of 400-500w [~26 dBw].

If not enough ERP, then I have a K9EK-7289 amp to produce 60-120w.
Everything in place except the DEM conv.


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