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1.2ghz options

Howdy all

Ok, here are some random musings to get on 1269MHz.  A homebrew route
would be build up a transverter from surplus.  A good source (pun
for an LO would be to take a California Microwave or Frequency West
oscillator who's pre-srd frequency would tune in the range of 1269 -/+
the IF.
(Remember that high side injection flips the tuning and sidebands).  The
and first gain stages could be realized by using a Minicircuits mixer
and surplus
1 to 1.5 Ghz gain stages.  The filters could be interdigital types using
plans from
the RSGB microwave manual or hair pin filters.  Curious what type of
pipe cap
would be needed to build a simple single stage filter?

The 'high power' stage would be a DEMI kit to get to the 3 watt range.
could drive another gain block then feed a 2C39 cavity amp (designs from

Another thought would be to use a DEMI 1296 weak signal source
to tune to 1269 for a CW only rig driving one of the 'pod' amps?  (Has
successfuly got one of those running?)

Finally, here is the long way to get there.  Use a HF rig running 21.15
MHz driving
multipliers (varactor or otherwise....) to generate the 1269 signal
(1269/60 = 21.15).

Ok, there are some quick and dirty ways to get a mode L signal.  Any
other thoughts?

73 de AA9IL
Mike Kana

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