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Re: 1.2ghz uplink

>The many threads and ideas on s-band reception have been an education for
>me, and I  hope to have s-band receive capabilty soon.  Receiving
>telemetry is ok but I would prefer listening to K0BLT' melodeous voice
>drifting down from above.  Or Jerry/oe or Paul/vas,  or anyone else I
>enjoy  talking to.  I want to start a thread on what is required to put a
>1.2ghz signal 'up there', no politics, guns, cuss words, someones values
>or lack thereof.  I want to learn the requirements needed, as in;
>transverters, antennas, link budgets, etc etc.  I am  working on my
>microwave-phobia, and this bb is a fantastic resource.

AMEN, Bob!

I'm in the same boat, listening to all the tele I can get with reconstituted
Oscar 13 gear, but sure am anxious to get some sort of an uplink at 1.2 gigs..

 From some of the messages I've read lately there is obviously some sort of an
"idiots" discussion on here, but I use Eudora, and guess I've got all the 
in my "delete before reading" list!!  I've got about twenty in there now, and I
sure hope they don't change their "from" lines soon...

Come on all you micro-wave experienced give us newbies a place to start....
A lot of us are chomping at the bit for info...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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