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New Thread--actually about satellites!

For the lucky 100 or so that just obtained new Drake 2880 downconverters (and others with similar gear), one of the concerns is accidentally transmitting into the device.  There have been several good suggestions here on the BB, but many of you may be in just too much of a hurry to hear AO-40 to wait until you get other gear in line.  It will only take 1 microsecond of careless action to ruin your whole day.  

Let me suggest, if you have a dual-band sat rig, like the ubiquitous FT-847 or any of the others, that you train yourself to ONLY turn on your downconverter when you are already configured for satellite mode B (such as for AO-10, if you have that as a programmed memory).  This little precaution will set up the rig so if you do accidentally transmit (step on your footswitch, leave VOX on, bump the paddles, or whatever), at least the rig will only transmit on the 70 cm port.

I have elected to go the dummy-proof method and am converting the 2 m IF to 10 m in my attic and then bringing the signal down into my rig's HF receive-only antenna port.  I plan to do the same with an X-band downconverter in the future, with a coaxial relay in the attic ahead of the Hamtronics downconverter.  

Good luck, and see you on mode U/S as soon as it is available :-)
Jerry, K5OE

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