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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - Death Rate per 100,000 (by guns) - - and AR

I hate "black-catting" ["My black cat is blacker than your black cat."]

But, here goes.
[And the relevance to AR and satellites, while slight, is definitely
explained, later.]

Speaking as a trained killer (i.e. an officer of a uniformed military force
of Australia) I find the idea that ordinary citizens need firearms to defend
themselves to be, well, quaint. 

Anyway, I wish to thank "Michael P. Olbrisch" <kd9kc@elp.rr.com
<mailto:kd9kc@elp.rr.com> > for drawing to our attention his encyclopaedic
knowledge of crime statistics, especially how bad things are in Australia.
He is so obviously aware of the Australian crime statistics that I do not
need to draw to his attention the following web sites:

Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)
particularly the RATE of Deaths Caused by Firearms per 100 000 population
at http://www.aic.gov.au/stats/deathfirearm/firearm.html

Bottom Line (literally):
			1986 	1987 	1988 	1989 	1990 	1991 	1992
1993 	1994 	1995 
Total Persons 	4.35 	4.39 	4.21 	3.40 	3.61 	3.67 	3.61 	2.98
2.95 	2.66 

Michael is obviously also intimately aware of similar figures for the USA,
for instance at 
the Violence Policy Centre at http://www.vpc.org/studies/whostate.htm
"In 1996 the U.S. firearms death rate was 12.94 per 100,000. Twenty-seven
states [e.g. Texas - see below] were at or above this national average rate.
Louisiana ranked as the state with the highest firearms death rate (25.37
per 100,000)-nearly twice the national average. Louisiana was followed by
Nevada (22.38 per 100,000), Alaska (21.21 per 100,000), Mississippi (20.90
per 100,000), and Alabama (20.05 per 100,000)."

For his beloved Texas, Michael KD9KC, will already know that, for 1996 (per
100,000 population):
Homicides/Rate  Suicides/Rate  Unintentional/Rate  Undetermined/Rate  Total
Deaths/Rate per 100,000
1,055/5.83      1,449/7.18 	 78/0.44             34/0.19

which is *only* 5.13 times more than Australia...

that allows easy derivation of the following 'most recent available'

Death Rate
12.54 per 100,000 population 
Leading Cause of Death
Accidents or unintentional injuries
32.4 out of every 100,000 of all males and females ages 40-44. (Males: 20.32
per 100,000)

Hence, in my 5-YEAR AGE BRACKET in the USA, verus the total figure for
Australia, I would be 4.71 times more likely to be killed in the USA
(compared to *only* 7.64 times more likely as a male! And *only* 7.16 time
as a *white male*!) 

In my city (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory), the rate is 2/year or
~0.66 per 100,000 !

Is this related to Amateur Radio?
*	I scavange my neighbourhood for satellite antenna parts WITHOUT
having to worry about being met at the door by a gun! i.e. I can drive
around my neighbourhood, spot now-unused microwave pay-TV antennas on a
house roof, knock on the door and explain my interest in taking it off the
roof, then take it with their permission ! ;
*	I can can attend radio meetings in arguably the 'seediest' part of
my city (only several doors from where I also go regularly with my Masonic
Lodge to feed the homeless destitute);
*	I can work on satellite antennas and others on my roof and in the
trees beside my busy road (without people taking pot-shots at me, and only
expect the odd beer bottle in the grass - - we live "one bottle" away from a
*	I can sit in my shack with the door open (without someone coming to
my door and mugging me);
	...and not carry anything more 'offensive' OR 'defensive' than a pen
- - which we all know is mightier than the sword. 
*	I can wear my Navy uniform to and from work and at the shopping mall
or local shops without comment; 
*	I can have a friend who is a motorcycle police office, who I am
certain to see next year! Well, he *is* about to go as a 'peacekeeper' to a
Pacific Island nation that is just ending internal conflict, so that is
perhaps somewhat debatable...

<sarcasm> I feel *so* much more fearful having had Australia's national
semi-automatic weapons buy-back </sarcasm> [after the mass-shooting of 35
people by a mentally disturbed Martin Bryant at the Port Arthur historic
site in our state of Tasmania in April 1996
-http://www.geniac.net/portarthur <http://www.geniac.net/portarthur>  .] 

Peter VK1KEP
Canberra, Capital city of Australia

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