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MMDS converters and 2.4ghz projects

Greetings all

In one of the earlier emails regarding the vanishing surplus and the
options of buying
from the established kit/finished product dealers, there is still the
time honored
approach of homebrew - There is an outfit called 'ElectroMaven' which
had a
large supply of filters in a neat metal enclosure with sma in and out.
Remove the
lid and what do you find?  A hair pin filter for 2.4ghz!  Ok, now build
up a couple
of 1 stage mmic blocks and bolt them in line with this filter and hook
up to a
mixer that covers the 2.4 ghz frequency range - The daring can build up
the LO chain or
possibly modify a Qualcomm PLL synth and there ya go.  Now, I know that
you can probably get a nice kit for a reasonable price and all the parts
will be
there but there is something almost illegally fun about gathering
various and
sundry parts and ending up with a mode S down converter.

Cheers es 73
de AA9IL
Mike Kana

Happy Millenium

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