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RE: Camouflage for antenna.

The microwave oven thing was a good suggestion...works for me everytime.

I would add some things on color.  Unless you are really good with the camo 
paint it will stickout more then blend in.  Camo paint works because things 
are suppose to be viewed from "one" angle and those angles are really flat.  
As an example...looking down from the sky to an object you are looking 
"flat"...looking at a side its the same way.

Up close (and I dont know what distnaces you are looking at) camy is not all 
that effective unless its done really well.

A suggestion that I have found in the past and put to practical use is that 
if its going to be viewed against the skky give up on "close" and go with 
gray or black.... Thats what they do with the "dishes" and it really sort of 

Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

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