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Re: AO-40 Telemetry Required

>I was able to listen for only a few minutes Saturday morning when it came
>over my horizon at 1500, but I had it 2401.316.  It was 12 dB above the noise

Tnx, Jerry, Paul es others...

In San Diego my AOS on 30dec00 (Sat) was 1451z.

Time(z) IT doppler      Phase   Frequency
1451(aos)       -14223          6       2401.3109
1454            -18061          6           .3084
1457            -21269          7           .3055
1459            -22980          7           .3034
1505            -26463          9           .3031
1513            -28591          11          .3000

Got good telemetry, wobulation, but some CCRC's
to 1516z. tele copy basically ended here.

A doppler "bump" in this crazy orbit (but good, but good,
if you know the hunter cook story!) with IT indicating
-29116 at phase 12.

1427            -28975          14          .3005
1434            -28507          15          .3016
1604            -25476          22          .3062
1619            -23911          25          .3095
1622            -23606          26          .3116

After 1632z the sigs were too wobbly and weak to read.
I use 2400 as a frequency in IT, but close enuff for gov't work.

I know that the max doppler change occurs at apogee in a circular
orbit, and maybe the orbit mechanics on here can predict what
the "nominal" frequency will be.  But from my indications, it will
surely be higher than 2400.3170 that a projection here would indicate.

In contrast, the signals at phase 3 on 31dec00 0933z were weak, watery
and copied very poor telemetry. They faded rapidly and were almost gone
at 1003z????

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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