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Re: ao40 today

Reception reports very interesting!  Thanks for sharing you station set up.
 Good input for us still building our stations.  

A question occured to me fom Doug's last post: Of you who are using the
Drake convertor outside at your antenna, how sensitive is it to thermal
drift; did you insulate it?  Tnx,


>From: Douglas Braun & Nadia Papakonstantinou <dougnad@BellAtlantic.net>
>Early this morning (Sunday) I was getting a strong signal. (Oddly,
>yesterday morning I could barely hear it, even right after AOS.)
>I noticed a short-term random drift of about +/- 200 Hz, over a
>period of roughly 10 seconds.  This made it hard to keep my demodulator
>locked to the signal.  I know it wasn't Doppler-related, since my
>tracking software tunes the radio in 1Hz increments every couple of
>seconds.  It might have been due to drafts of cold air getting to my
>converter's LO crystal. I will try insulating the crystal for next time.
>Has anyone else noticed a random frequency drift like I described above?
>At 02:00 PM 12/30/00 , you wrote:
>>I copied the telm from ao40 but there were no good CRC blocks. I heard
>>it S7-9
>>from AOS of MA 16.5 thur MA 37.6. Signal freq seemed to drift up and
>>down over
>>the period. I could see diffinate spin modulation on the signal uing
>>Freq started out at 2401.305 and ended at 2401.308. Signal showed heavy
>>Using Myer's dish, Drake (moded with latest mod's), FT736R IF, Nova
>>Bill WA2TQI  EM78qe
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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