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Re: AO-40 signal and telemetry

Very good, Mike!  For those doing comparisons and window shopping, I am also 
running a Conifer preamp and Drake 2880, but with a small 16-turn helix.  The 
helix is optimistically rated at 14.5 dBi gain, but more realistically is in 
the 12 dBi range.  

I cannot hear a thing typically beyond MA36, or so, when the squint gets 
close to 90-100 degrees (about 35,000 km).  If my TS-2000 ever shows up we 
will be able to make real side-by-side comparisons.  Of course, I'll have to 
elongate my helix to a whopping 64 turns to be at parity with your dish :-)

Thanks for your observation on the synch frequency.  I get mostly corrupted 
blocks, with an occasional good frame, and can't seem to get P3T to work 
quite right yet.

73 es Happy New Year,
Jerry, K5OE

W1BFN writes:

> Using a Myers 24 dB dish, and modified 2880 with conifer 1.5 dB nf preamp, 
> up 45 feet with a clear shot SW: signal appeared on the TS-2000 at 0.5 
> above the horizon, and I collected about a dozen lightly corrupted 
> frames. Seems that the French decoder requires 2 to 3 seconds to get into 
> synch, and the overall period of rotation also seems to be 3 seconds.
>  By turning on the TS-2000 internal preamp and the attenuator, my noise 
> becomes zero, and the signal, with rapid QSB peaked to S-7. I later heard 
> signal in the noise using line enhanced DSP at 52,000 km.
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