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Re: UO-11 vs AO-40


>Just a quick question.  I have yet to hear AO-40 on 2401...I am able
>to hear UO-11 on that band, quite Q5 but not moving the S meter much.
>I assume that if I can hear UO-11 then I should be able to hear AO-40 
>when the squint is not unfavorable.  Is that correct?

I would say you're correct...  Try listening for AO-40 when close-in and
heading out, about MA 15 to 25.  I hear it about as strong or stronger
than UO-11 (on a good pass) at that point.  I get it about 7 or 8 S
units above the noise on the FT736R I'm using as an IF when it's close. 
I loose it somewhere beyond 50K km.

Jim AF9A
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