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Re: AO-40 Telemetry Required

> From observation I'd say (with my RX converter) that beacon freq without
>  Doppler is around 2401.31724
>  which is below the range of 2401.322 to 2401.328 quoted by other stations,
>  ... my RX conv is old and maybe needs realignment.

I was able to listen for only a few minutes Saturday morning when it came 
over my horizon at 1500, but I had it 2401.316.  It was 12 dB above the noise 
at 2 degrees elevation.   I think the MA was about 16 then, but did not have 
a computer with me--I was mobile with a hand-held helix, Drake, and FT-100.

I listened again Sunday morning from home and acquired the signal at 2401.321 
at AOS, 0935.  At 0942 the bird was due south of me and the signal was right 
on 2401.305.  It continued dropping until it reached 2401.299 at 0955, then 
gradually increased to 2401.307, where it seemed to stabilize when I called 
it quits at 1030.

Others' observations and guesses at the "true" frequency would be appreciated.
Jerry, K5OE
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