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Re: S2 TX

Hi Michael,

That's good, .. from observation yesterday I made it 2401.31724 (without
Doppler) with my rx conv, ... so good match, ... much better than the
2401.322 to 2401.328 that is widely quoted.

I kept adjusting the non-Doppler freq until calculated RX freq with Doppler
matched what my radio dial said, ... all in real time so I think the value I
have is good +/- errors in my RX conv.

Many thanks
Paul, VP9MU
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From: "Michael Fletcher" <michael.fletcher@oh2aue.pp.fi>
To: "Paul Willmott" <pwillmott@northrock.bm>
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2000 06:33
Subject: S2 TX

> Paul,
> the MB was at 2.401,318 MHz during the launch
> preparation tests in Kourou. The measurements
> were only possible to calibrate in one way at
> the time, but I have great confidence that the
> accuracy is good (or WAS good at then ..!). I
> also checked the timebase accuracy of the
> spectrum analyser we used when I returned home
> and it is well within 100 Hz at 10 GHz. How
> much the frequency has changed due to launch
> vibration and temperature changes is a big
> unknown (for the time being...).
> I hope this helps some.
> Kind regards and best wishes for 2001 :-)
> Michael, OH2AUE

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