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MMDS converters

Out of curiosity, I did an internet search for MMDS converters.
After I got invited to "try one" by one of the frequents to the list
I thought, "Sure.. if I can find one for <$100".  I didn't, except for 
SCTV-Skycable.. which seems like vapor..

Except for Phillips-Tech and SCTV-Skycable I didn't find anyone
selling those units at all.  It also appears that the manufacturers are 
going to integrated Yagi's, "Disc Yagi's" and dipole feeds for the "Grill 
Dishes" instead of seperate units.

At about $130 for Phillips-Tech, I'll just sluff off $150 on a DEMI kit 
instead or try to uncripple my current "old DEM" converter.

If anyone has any other leads and isn't afraid to share them with us,
*I'd* certainly be grateful if these can be passed along.

Fred W0FMS

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