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Re: Circular polarity - Don't Bother!

Regards the comments about CP vs linear polarity.  I have KLM's long boom CP yagi
set and in my humble opinion, I am very happy to have the polarity switching.  It
depends on the satellite and the pass, but sometimes I find it makes very little
difference, and sometimes it makes a MAJOR difference switching between LH and
RH.  I can't compare that to linear, but with the CP it's real nice to be able to
switch.  Later this spring I will be relocating my sat antennas to a newly
installed tower, and I plan to rewire the antennas to allow: Vertical,
Horizontal, LHCP, and RHCP (Howard Long has a nice writeup on how to do that on
his web site - sorry I don't have the address on this computer).  I use the same
antennas for terrestrial weak signal work and occasionally even FM which is the
reason for wanting all 4 polarity options.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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