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Re: AO-40 MA, ALON/ALAT and squint angle ??

In a message dated 12/30/00 6:18:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
cbuttsch@slonet.org writes:

> If you are using InstantTrack 1.5 attitude must be entered as  2,260
>  It is very easy to reverse these but latitude is firs, then a comma,
>  then longitude.   (Page 23 of the instruction manual)

Doesn't this have to be entered as -2,80 because IT 1.5 uses the AO-13 squint 
calculations that has the antennas on the reverse side that AO-40 does??

I know NOVA for Win calculates squint correctly for AO-40 for both hi-gains 
and omnis. Mike recoded this. IT 1.5 matches NOVA is I use -2,80.

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