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Re: AO-40 MA, ALON/ALAT and squint angle ??

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Joe Leikhim wrote:

> I am in process of setting up my S-Band receiver and I assume that
> AO-40 is using a high gain antenna for the S Beacon.
> Can someone explain in simple terms the relationship of these terms? I
> am using LOGSAT and can input an "attitude" LON and LAT, (I assume this
> to be same as  ALON/ALAT?) and the program will display a Squint Angle,
> but that is about all the program tells about the S/C attitude. How do I
> interpret the squint angle to be useable, and where do I find the MA for
> the pass?
> Also what are the most current  values to input.

Just heard from Paul Willamont who talked with G3RUH and he indicated:
If you are using InstantTrack 1.5 attitude must be entered as  2,260
It is very easy to reverse these but latitude is firs, then a comma,
then longitude.   (Page 23 of the instruction manual)

This results is a "squint angle" which is ideal when zero but indicates
the off pointing from the antennas to your location.  The MA should be
part of the presentation regarless of what program is being used.
Cliff K7RR

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