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Re: Circular polarity - Don't Bother!

Hi All,

I would like to echo Mike's comments.  I do believe the 3db thing has
been a bit overstated at times.  Although I use circularly polarized
antennas on 145 and 435 for the FO-20 and 29, when I put up my current
antennas I had them rigged up to switch from horizontal to vertical for a
couple of months.  I did not see much difference when I finally got the
circular phasing harnesses installed.  Given the hassle of cutting coax
and making it up to an exact length, if I had it to do over again I might
just stay with the horizontal/vertical arrangement.  I don't think 3db is
significant for satellite work.  In fact, I have been playing with an
idea of putting up RHCP and LHCP antennas and hooking them together with
a splitter.  I believe that would work very well for FO-29, but since I
use 2 K1FO style yagis for 435 I would have to give them up (not a good
idea) or put up 2 more (XYL objects).  The AO-40 2.4 ghz downlink might
be a good place to try that though.  Any thoughts along this line?

Happy New Year,

73's de Jess - W4MVB
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