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Circular polarity - Don't Bother!

About circular  polarity antennas v. linear:

I have been reading the thread and have only one thing to add:

With the power of AO-40 and her high gain antennas, It Really Doesn't Matter. 

Linear antennas will work just fine. Maybe better while we are dealing with 
high squint angles. (and maybe not, but circular polarization won't help 
much, either.)

Purists will doubtless shower me with proclamations that there is a 3 dB loss 
when using a linear polarized antenna to look at a circular polarized signal, 
to which I answer  So What? It Really Won't Matter. If you must worry about 3 
dB, you are already running too close to the edge, and should consider a 
bigger antenna.

I have an hour of AO-40 decoded telemetry from a Myers dish (linear) and 
intend to go to an 18 dB loop yagi (also linear)when S is aimed at us.

What is neatest about linear polarization is that It Doesn't Care about LH or 
RH circularity.

This thing is a whole lot simpler than what you have made it, mainly because 
of the strong signal which will be available from AO-40.

Happy New Year

Mike W1BFN
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